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Nova the Squirrel

a platformer game for the NES with ability copying and puzzles · By NovaSquirrel


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Unused/underused content, and development
As a large and rather experimental (for me) game, there were a lot of game mechanics and ideas that I thought up that didn't end up in the game, or did but didn...
Build 1081
Minor bug-fixing update. Music muting now fully works. Added a barrier before the last ceiling portion of level 1-7. Rope no longer extends past the bottom of t...
1 file
Build 1076
"B always shoots" now the default, but can be turned on/off as always. Fixes a rare problem involving garbage sprites for a single frame on real hardware (I hop...
1 file
Build 1075
I updated a few minor things: Minor fix to World 5's music, to make it more accurate to how it was originally supposed to be. The player is ejected from walls b...
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