Build 1320

A pretty large update! These are a bunch of things I felt like needed to happen before a cartridge happened. There might be some more things to do but these are the big important ones.

  • Animated water/lava in more levels
  • New title screen (let me know your opinion on it?)
  • Puzzle game included: Squirrel Domino
  • Full level editor with 5 level slots (requires an emulator with NES 2.0 header support, such as Mesen)
  • Time trial mode after you beat the game
  • Music should sound correct even on PAL
  • "Old music" in the sound test has correct percussion now
  • Minor level and dialog edits
  • Collision fix involving ladders

Squirrel Domino was included so that people who have it on a cartridge have a puzzle multiplayer game available as well as an action one.

I drew the title screen myself this time instead of tracing over something and I think it looks more feminine? That's the primary goal here.


NES ROM 256 kB
Feb 04, 2019

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