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Big City Sliding Blaster is an NES homebrew game that takes inspiration from an old shareware game called Ballmaster. Sliding Blaster is a top-down shooter where you can shoot in all directions, but the twist is that you're continually sliding through the level. You cannot stop moving, you can only boost toward a different direction, which will cause you to start moving in that direction instead. There's limited ammo and you have to continually collect it.

  • This game is open source
  • Two players support - second player can join in any time
  • Simple level editor in the game
  • Supports the SNES mouse, if you plug one in with an adapter


blaster.nes 24 kB

Install instructions

You'll need an NES emulator to run this - I recommend https://mesen.ca/. FCEUX is another option that I know of that supports the SNES mouse.

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